Hotel Leonardo in Prague, Czech Republic

Great Czech Hotel in Prague HOTEL LEONARDO


No doubt Priceline can get you some great bargains, but there are times when, well…the hotel you bid just isn’t it. My husband took a last minute trip to Prague and took the ‘name your own price’ gamble.  It paid off and he was able to get a fabulous hotel for a good price, around 100 Euros a night. Yes, that is a great price in Prague, especially getting a hotel the night before you depart. He was given a room at the Hotel Leonardo and he was off on the road trip/photography tour from Stuttgart to Prague.


Pulling up to the hotel was his first surprise.  No out of the way, seedy location here. It was located in Central Prague in an historic 4 building structure that is registered as a UNESCO world heritage site. It was beautiful. Despite its proximity to local attractions, bars, and restaurants, the rooms were on a quiet street which helped get a good night’s sleep.

Hotel Leonardo Foyer
Hotel Leonardo Foyer


With only 82 rooms, the hotel is small enough to offer personalized service which is one of their signature trademarks. As Lee pulled up, he was greeted at the door by a valet who parked his car (overnight parking is 30 Euros), his luggage carried to his room, and as he checked in they went out of their way to ensure he had everything he needed for his trip.


The hotel recommends directly booking your room with them to get a good rate and to begin the customized services they offer. This is a good deal if you are flying into Prague or coming in by train. Once you book, you can give them your flight or train number and they will pick you up in their limo. Costs are fixed and run 750 Kč ($30) for airport transport and 350 Kč ($14) for the train. This transport can be arranged through their website or by calling directly and the staff speaks very good English. We didn’t need to use this service since Lee drove, but considering how well the treated their customers I imagine this would be a good, safe transport option. And, according to the staff, the taxis are expensive and overpriced so this should save you a few Kč and you get to look fancy pulling up in a limo.

Beautiful Courtyard at the Hotel Leonardo
Beautiful Courtyard at the Hotel Leonardo


At the reception desk was a young man named David who talked about the hotel. He explained the hotel is ‘Everything for everyone.’ Their rooms include family suites, junior suites, and singles and doubles. Couples can have a quiet romantic weekend away in the historic city or singles can party until late. Lee had a double room which was very nice. The only issue was a non working air conditioner which made for a warm first night, but by Saturday afternoon he had 2 fans and a cold A/C blowing him to sleep at night.

David explained that Prague is best known for its nightlife with clubs and bars in Prague staying open late throughout the week.  The Czech Republic is the capital state of beer and if you like beer, then you will be in heaven here. A popular favorite is Pilsner Urquell.


There is a restaurant in the hotel and Lee said the breakfast, which was included in the price of the room, was amazing. ‘A real breakfast’ that was not just breads and juices. Americans like their breakfast and this one had an abundance of eggs and ham.

Famous Astronomical Clock in Central Prague
Famous Astronomical Clock in Central Prague


Best of all, it was right in the thick of things. Lee didn’t need his car the entire time he was there and he was able to walk to the Czech Castle (a must see) as well as the city center, the St Charles Bridge, and the famous Astronomical clock. Just grab your camera, get a great breakfast, and head out to enjoy the beauty of the Czech Republic.

St Charles Bridge Within Walking Distance
St Charles Bridge Within Walking Distance

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