About Us

We travel. As much as we can. It’s really that simple. We like to see different people and cultures and take lots of photos as we head around the world. You could call us photographers, which we technically are….we even get paid for it so you could call us professional photographers…but in reality we are just two travelers who like to take photos. Our other non photographer jobs have kept us on opposite sides of the world for the past 3 years and, yes, it’s tough being away from the love of your life. But, the absolute blessing of it is that we have been able to see some very interesting places and learn some things along the way. With 6 kids between us, we do everything we can to travel well but without needlessly spending the kid’s college funds or inheritance. Sometimes we crack the code, other times we leave feeling used and abused with a blown out budget. We prefer the code cracking.

Before any trip I search the web and look for the real person account of where we were going. There are a million travel sites with professional reviews, and who can really trust those? Or countless pages of forums that you have to dig through to find that nugget of information you want. And what I want is the dirt. What do I need to know to make the trip easier? Where the prices outrageous (Switzerland!) or was it a bargain of a lifetime (Athens!)? What was that thing that when it happened, you said, ‘damn, wish we would have known that before we came here ($19 Whopper meal in Switzerland!)? What amazing things can I get there that I JUST HAVE TO HAVE (handwoven baskets in Senegal!)? Where is the best place to get that canvas worthy shot (base of the Eiffel Tower at night!)?

That’s what this blog is about. Mainly. It’s also about photography, life, kids, food, drink….pretty much anything that might possibly be of value to someone else who is traversing the world like us.

Canvas Worthy Shot of Eiffel Tower
Canvas Worthy Shot of Eiffel Tower
Hand Woven Baskets In Senegal
Hand Woven Baskets In Senegal

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